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Ilanes y 2º- Edificio 2 Of. B
PB. Urdesa Central
Guayaquil -Ecuador


Douglas Dreher Architects is an office created in 1995 whose activity is centered in the integral development of Architectural projects and general design applied to specific fields.


In the last few years our production has stood out for the development of projects linked to Tourism, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture, besides possessing a wide trajectory in Institutional and Residential Architecture, and in non-traditional fields such as Architecture of Fairs, or Vernacular Architecture. This experience accumulated in 10 years of professional exercise allows us to assume big challenges, always having as premise a high quality design.

The group of Architects working in the office is a flexible team, able to adapt skilfully to the circumstances of the different projects, notwithstanding if they are local, regional, or international, always responding with efficiency to the demands of our clients.

We have a highly qualified associate multiprofesional team as well as strategic alliances with outstanding consultant companies, which allows us to develop both special projects, and those of great size as well.

Our clients either public or private, characterized themselves for always searching for quality designs with which they can be identified; among them are International Corporations, Municipalities, Universities, Consultant Offices, etc.

Design Team

Douglas Dreher, Architect
Jacqueline Fabre, Architect

Picture of the Team at workPicture of Jacqueline Fabre

Design development and Collaborators

Manuel Bermeo, Architect
Werner Sanchez, Architect
Giovanny Tello, Architect
Sergio Alvarado, Architect
Ivan Neira, Architect
Carlos Ordoñez, Mec Engineer.

Picture of part of the team of Douglas Dreher ArchitectsPlotter

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